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Removing Post Meta

Requires changing theme code. See Editing Theme for more info.
To remove post meta, open to post.hbs and search and remove the following:
<div class="meta">
<div class="app">
{{#foreach authors}}
{{#if profile_image}}
<div class="post-item-author">
<a href="/author/{{slug}}">
<img class="gh-author-image-post" src="{{profile_image}}" alt="{{name}}" />
<div class="more-info">
{{authors separator=" and " prefix="Posted by "}}
<br> <time datetime="{{date format="YYYY-MM-DD"}}">{{date format="D MMM YYYY"}}</time>{{reading_time}}

Applying changes

Once you’re done making these changes, visit Applying changes to apply changes to your Ghost blog.